Our History

Many innovations are being discovered every day, yet there is a huge deficit when it comes to any sort of development and distribution catering to the medical industry in under-developed economies. While working as a member of Pediatric Critical Care Teams, Pharmacist, Priscilla Masvosva Ayerite had an epiphany: “If I could spend the rest of my life doing what I can to reduce infant mortality, and to reach under-served healthcare markets, I shall feel in the end that my life had been well spent.” Dr. Priscilla Ayerite PharmD recruited other clinicians to help realize this vision for a new company. In 2009, NAO Global Supply LLC was founded as a unique distributor of appropriate healthcare technologies for resource poor countries – Cutting-edge yet affordable and efficient healthcare technologies. We specialize in medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and safety equipment for businesses around the world.

Our business subscribes to and is founded on the principles of the New Millennium Development Goals. We facilitate the battle against poverty, starvation, disease and unequal treatment by supplying vital medical equipment, safety and laboratory equipment, as well as pediatric pharmaceuticals.

At NAO Global, we are proud to work with an immensely wide range of clients in disparate industries. Our selection of equipment and supplies ensures that you have access to the highest quality solutions to meet your daily challenges, whether you are located here in the US, or in a developing nation on the other side of the globe.