We are a diverse team of entrepreneurial scientists collaborating closely with innovative manufacturing companies. We are highly successful in our careers and contribute significantly to healthcare. We care deeply about improving healthcare access and about the patients who will benefit from our products. We feel strongly that we have the unique skills and energy to do more to make a difference. We are passionate about what we do and feel that we have the unique skills and energy to truly make a difference. NAO Global has an important mission- supporting your facility and your practice wherever you may be with affordable health solutions. Be it durable new or manufacturer refurbished equipment and supplies, we help you manage your patients through our supplies and services.


Medical Equipment & Supplies

The right equipment can bring compelling benefits to your clinic. You can increase the number of treatment options your business offers, achieve increased revenues and improve overall patient satisfaction. We specialize in supplying medical equipment to everyone, including struggling hospitals in impoverished parts of the world  in an effort to make quality healthcare a reality.

Lab Equipment & Supplies

Our selection of durable new and professionally refurbished laboratory equipment is second to none. We understand that accuracy, durability and utility are of the utmost concern for any laboratory setting, whether at home in Texas or on the opposite side of the globe. NAO Global is committed to offering quality laboratory products while catering to the unique needs of each business.


Our focus within the pharmaceutical industry is on drug formulations specifically for children. One of the most distressing global problems is the number of children without access to basic medications for common illnesses and diseases.


Millions of global workers die each year from occupational accidents and diseases, and the numbers continue to rise. By supplying quality safety equipment at a fraction of the cost, we provide strategies and solutions to reduce work-related risk and increase productivity and competition.

Cold Box

The product that we present is The Cold Box. The single and dual pallet Cold Boxes have revolutionized the shipping of temperature sensitive goods and products reliably and economically. Our Cold Box can ship temperature sensitive payloads confidently at 4 degrees celcius in 33 degree ambient temperatures for 120 hours without external power, and is an effective and economical alternative for lesser volume palletized refrigerated shipping.